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Our red open top double-decker buses have already become part of the city of Milan and they are becoming more and more appreciated by tourists from all over the world and by those people who want to know Milan from a different perspective, without having to cope with the hectic pace of this metropolis.

Our 3 lines, 6 buses and a commentary in 9 languages are the necessary ingredients to explore the city and visit its most popular attractions and places of interest: The Sforza Castle, Sant’Ambrogio Cathedral, Parco delle Basiliche and University of Milan. Then our bus takes you to the Duomo, Milan’s most famous landmark, and you can see the Golden Madonnina perched on top of the tallest spire; then you reach the Scala Opera House. The blue line reaches the new skyscrapers area and takes tourists around the luxury shopping area in the core of the fashion district which attracts visitors from all over the world, also the most demanding ones.

The commentary is available in Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

For kids we have now a special commentary, made up of anecdotes and more interesting information to entertain them.

On board of the buses our costumers can use a free WI-FI.

Tour Details

Bus Terminal:


Line A: Castello - Foro Bonaparte, 76 (corner  via Cusani)

Line B: Castello - Foro Bonaparte, 76 (corner  via Cusani)

Line A-B-C:

Line C: Castello - Foro Bonaparte, 76 (corner  via Cusani)


Line A: 90'

Line A-B:

Line B: 90'

Line B: 90'

Line C: 90'


Line A: from March 27th to October 31st 2017 every day 30'

Line B: from March 27th to October 31st 2017 every day 30'

Line C: from March 27th to October 31st 2017 every day 60'


Line A: All year round

Line B: All year round

Line C: All year round

Valid ticket:

48 hrs or 1 day




PDF Timetable

Wheelchair welcome



Children (between 5-15 y.o.):

Line A+B+C: € 22,00 (1 day)

Line A+B+C: € 10,00 (1 day)

Line A+B+C: € 25,00 (48 hrs)

Line A+B+C: € 10,00 (48 hrs)


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